Bioinformatics Research Group (BioRG)
Profile: This research group works on problems from the fields of Bioinformatics, Biotechnology, Data Mining, and Information Retrieval. The group's research projects includes Comparative Genomics of Bacterial genomes, Metagenomics, Genomic databases, Pattern Discovery in sequences and structures, micro-array data analysis, prediction of regulatory elements, primer design, probe design, phylogenetic analysis, medical image processing, image analysis, data integration, data mining, information retrieval, knowledge discovery in electronic medical records, and more.

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Faculty Members

Prof. Giri Narasimhan

Current Post-Doctoral Fellow

Vanessa Aguiar-Pulido

Current Students

Juan Daniel Riveros
Network Analytics
Tekraj Subedi
Structural Bioinformatics
Andrius Radvilas Bubelis
General Bioinformatics

Recent Graduates

Mario Consuegra

Mitch (Misael) Fernandez

Deborah Plana
Biological Data Mining

Recent Graduates

Melita Jaric
In Memoriam
Melita Jaric passed away on March 11, 2013. A bright, promising life was snuffed out in a careless hit-and-run accident. For more details, click here

Posthumous Ph.D., 2013

Recent Graduates

Xing Yang (M.S. 2011)
General Bioinformatics
Daniel Medvin (M.S. 2011)
Comparative Genomics

Gisela Gonzalez (B.S. 2010)

Recent Graduates

Roxana Ordonez (B.S., 2008)
Comparative Genomics

Camilo Valdes (B.S., 2008)
Comparative Genomics
Now at CCS, U Miami

Tom Milledge (MS, 2008)
Structure Pattern Discovery
Now at: Duke University

Recent Graduates

Erliang Zeng (PhD, 2008)
Protein-Protein Interactions; Data Mining
Now at: Notre Dame University

Michael Robinson (M.S., 2009)
Bioinformatics Databases,
High-Performance Computing

Andres Parra (Ph. D., 2009)
Medical Image Registration

Recent Graduates

Chengyong Yang (PhD, 2006)
Data Mining & Microarray Analysis
Now at: Applied BioSystems, Inc.

Gaolin Zheng (PhD, 2006)
Microarray Analysis
Now at: North Carolina Central University

Patricia Buendia (PhD, 2006)
Now at: University of Miami

Recent Awards and Honors

Recently Completed Funded Projects

Research Collaborators

Graduated Students

Important Bioinformatics Conferences

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