Supplementary Material For:
ATria: A Novel Centrality Algorithm Applied To Biological Networks
Executions of ATria with PluMA: (ZIP)
Once unzipped:

Compile PluMA: scons cuda=0 R=0 perl=0

Run ATria: ./pluma (configuration file)

Where (configuration file) is one of the following:

Lung Bacterial Co-Occurence Network (Figures 1 and 9): config.Never.txt
Two Triads (Figures 2 and 5): config.TwoTriads.txt
Four Clique (Figure 4a): config.FourClique.txt
Four Clique with Villain (Figure 4b): config.FourCliqueMutualEnemy.txt
Rival Groups (Figure 4c): config.RivalGroups.txt
Varying Sized Cliques (Figure 6): config.Cliques.txt
Synthetic Network (Figure 7): config.Synthetic.txt
Scale-Free Network (Figure 8a): config.ScaleFree.txt
Oyster Gene CoExpression Network (Figure 8b): config.Oyster.txt
Yeast (Figure 8c): config.Yeast.txt